Redmine Pushover Plugin

Push notifications instead of (or in addition to) Redmine notification emails.

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Pushover is a platform independent push notification service. This plugin uses it to send push notifications to the users of your Redmine. Your users may opt to receive push notifications instead of or in addition to Redmine’s standard notification emails, or no push notifications at all.

This plugin is a great addition to the Redmine Airbrake plugin since it allows you to be notified via push message whenever an application error occurs.


Get the plugin code and put it into the plugins directory of your Redmine installation. Minimum required Redmine version is 2.6. It might as well run on older versions of the 2.x series, but before you try, better do the upgrade.


Create a Pushover Application

Head over to the Pushover website to create an application of type ‘Website’. Name it ‘Redmine’ or whatever suits your needs, and upload a Logo, i.e. the official Redmine logo. The name and logo you select here will be shown on end users devices.

Creating a Pushover Application

Set Up the Subscription

After creating the application you need to set up a way for your users to subscribe to notifications sent through this application. Click ‘Edit Subscription Settings’ and fill out that form:

Configuring the Pushover Subscription

The important thing is to select the URL subscription type and to enter the correct base URL of your Redmine installation. The other information is shown to your users when they activate push notifications later.

Configure the Plugin

Your Pushover application page now shows the API key and subscription URL:

Both of these you have to enter in the global Redmine plugin configuration dialog (Administration / Plugins / Redmine Pushover / Configure).

There you can also choose if you want the default email footer to be stripped from the message body before it is sent to Pushover. This helps to save some screen space on mobile devices.

Activate Push Notifications for Your Account

Go to My account and find the Pushover settings in the right column. There is a link that takes you to the Pushover website, where you have to confirm that you indeed want to receive push notifications from your Redmine. Here’s what this might look like:

Pushover subscription activation